Post Grid Features

  • Custom post type source
  • Custom total items
  • 4 styles display(Show all, Load more button, Lazy load, Pagination)
  • 39 item styles
  • Show/hidden Filter
  • Set items per row
  • Set gap between grid items
  • 42 styles of load animation
  • Design pagination
  • Order / Sort order items
  • Design load more button
  • Design filter list
  • Custom filter list
  • Advanced design options

This element contain all styles and features as Post Masonry Grid element. You can see here

General Features, Item style grid, Item style masonry, Item style media

And here is some special style are added.

Grid Pagination

Item style: Default with 6 column

Grid Pagination

Item style: Default with 4 column

Grid Pagination

Item style: Scale with rotation 4 column

Grid Pagination

Item style: Slide from left –  4 column 2 row

Pagination slide

Item style: Slide with content

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